Why you should use a Recruitment Agency

There is a growing disconnect between employers and work seekers. Running a full time business that employs its own Human Resource function in todays world means that your Human Resource Function is busy with internal matters, navigating the ins and outs and when it comes time to employ new candidates it may seem like a time consuming and arduous task.

The disconnect begins with the sheer number of work seekers and the specific skills that a business would need from their potential employees. There are no “natural talent pools” just many people looking for work and the filter system can seem daunting and at times impossible.

This is the number one reason why you should consider using a recruitment agency, their business is the filtering process. They act as a means of creating different talent pools to source from, doing the work that would be time-consuming to your business. When you hire from a recruitment agency you can be assured, they have been background checked, vetted, quality checked and trained.

If you are still unsure here are another three reason to use a recruitment agency:

1 Recruit Faster:

Save the time and use a Recruitment Agency to get employees faster than it would take on your own, even large businesses with dedicated in-house human resources could benefit from the speed that a recruitment company offers.

2 Retain New Hires:

SME’s also benefit hugely from using a Recruitment Agency. Hiring new employees have a higher cost to the company for small business and this could be met with an employee leaving, when using a recruitment agency there is usually a guaranteed period in which the agency can assure the employee will stay. This is a huge benefit that not only solidifies an active workforce but can make a SME look highly professional even if they’re just starting out.

3 Hire What You Need:

The specificity of talent is something every business considers when hiring. So it would be beneficial to know that there are Recruitment Agencies for almost every sector. Using one tailored to your sector means that the new employee will be the right fit at the right time.

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